Concerning the mass transportation system

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Theoretically, the mass transportation system offers an alternative solution to the Citizens who prefer to commute in the area they live in and according to which they have a Right to use.

Theoretically, the state guarantees the least or even no investment from the Citizen since the maintenance of the mass transportation is done and paid for by the Citizens through taxes as well as through big funds in case of the state's cooperation with business people.

The mass transportation system includes not only trains, buses and underground, but also anything else transports Citizens en masse and is part of a network of communication of the state. Therefore in the mass transportation are included airplanes, ships, helicopters and any other means open to the wide consumption of the people AS WELL AS THE FACILITIES SUPPORTING THESE MEANS, that is streets, sea ways, ports, airports, railway lines, parking spots and refueling sites as well as areas and equipment for their repair.

Unfortunately, the transportation system does not give this service to the citizens, does not protect them from an iniquitous investment of money, fatigue and time and is not, as we will show with proof and documents in the following blog, public service (that is, with basic goal of the enterprise being the serving of the Citizens) but for-profit not for the state but individuals.

The fortunate thing is that the Citizen is not powerless before this embezzlement which has occurred and the undermining of his/her quality of life as well as the stealing of state/ common wealth: there are clear, effective and simple legal actions which any Citizen can do to reinstate order and persecute the ones responsible, as we will show in the following blog very soon.

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