Concerning the Mass Media

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Theoretically, the mass media is a source of information belonging to the category of 'common interest': political developments, scientific discoveries and confirmations, National successes, goals and efforts, issued pertinent to the general common identity we have as Humans with Human Rights, financial developments, police situations as well as matters of Justice, Education, Culture and Environment.

Theoretically, the mass media is also a source of education and amusement as well as the presentation of a pluralism of stimulation, cultures and ideologies on the same level and with the same amount of coverage, with objectivity which allows the Viewer to think and decide for him/herself what his/her opinion and view on these issues presented is.

Theoretically, the mass media do not present nor are interested in the personal life which is not pertinent to common concerns nor is part of public life (as we have defined it in another part of this site). Theoretically, the mass media do not present anything which is pornographic, which offends Public Shame indirectly or directly, which offends or promotes racist attitudes of any social, religious or racial group. They do not distort reality and do not direct the viewers/ listeners/ readers to a particular direction and a specific and very stern ideological, political and behavioral profile.

In reality, of course, this does not happen and although the sum of the agents of the mass media hypocritically claim to serve the above noble purposes, it is clearly obvious that they do not serve those purposes but specific benefiting groups and certainly they serve the general motivation of the agents of this system which consists of generation of money and power.

How do you support this?

Historically there is an overabundance of documentation (scientific, chronicled and through documents) of censorship, racism, propaganda, under-representation of specific groups and ideologies and, since at least 1920, a systematic use of the findings of psychology towards manipulation of public opinion in an indirect way, since censorship often did not prove sufficient as a measure.

We will begin demonstrating this historically with a listing of documentation, analyzing the nature, history and keepers/ evaluators/ owners (and therefore the manipulators of huge demographic groups) in the articles of the following blog:

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