Concerning Banks and the Banking System

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Banks are a relatively recent (in History's measures) creation of the so-called modern society. Primarily the reason of their existence was presented as a practical one for the safekeeping of money and gold in areas much more effectively guarded by malevolent elements such as robbers with the guarantee (reliable or not) that the value of the money guarded there would not be lost by its owners. The banker originally was a self-employed professional who was earning money by safekeeping the money of others.

With this first process, money was transformed from a means of transaction to a product of exploitation. Banks transformed from safekeeping places to enterprises of buying and selling money as well as renting it from and towards Citizens, with capital amassed from the Citizens who, in several ways we will analyze in the following blog, have been forced to deposit their money to them.

In very specific procedures and manipulation as well as state and international support, banks have risen to be, from intermediaries and vouchers of the safety of the capital/ money of the Citizens they claim to be serving, to control nodes and arbitrators of cash flow, availability and range of exchanges between Citizens, enterprises and the state.

In the small articles to be published in this blog, we will show not only the process through which this is achieved in society as it is today, but also the way of the control and limitation of banks as it is feasibly doable from the Citizens themselves- also necessary if the Citizens want to regain their capital and quality of life.

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